New Year


1To persuade or induce somebody to do something by trickery or deception (4)
3Something that is presented as genuine but that is not (4)
6Closely constrained or constricted or constricting (5)
10The state of being certain (9)
11Form thoughts (5)
12To run quickly or playfully (7)
13To make somebody or something more lively or interesting (7)
14Cancel, annul, or reverse an action or its effect (4)
16Not attending a place or event, especially when expected to (6)
18Recently made, created, or invented (3)
21A very small circular shape (3)
22Not even or uniform as e.g. in shape or texture (6)
23Object with ringing sound (4)
25Largest anthropoid ape (7)
27Fully developed and mature (5-2)
29A flavored sugar topping used to coat and decorate cakes (5)
30A colored cosmetic for the area around the eyes, especially the eyelids (3,6)
31The act or crime of stealing somebody else's property (5)
32Very small (4)
33A period of time containing 365 (or 366) days (4)


1Small long-bodied short-legged German breed of dog (9)
2Long, hooded jacket (5)
4Worthy of or winning honor, respect, recognition, or glory (9)
5Used to give a response that is neither yes nor no (5)
6The state of being complete or total (8)
7A complaint about a (real or imaginary) wrong that causes resentment and is grounds for action (9)
8A metal or plastic disk that can be used (as a substitute for coins) in slot machines (5)
9Enjoying or showing or marked by joy or pleasure or good fortune (5)
15To decide or settle something conclusively (9)
17A plant having foliage that persists and remains green throughout the year (9)
19The trait of resolutely controlling your own behavior (9)
20Light emitted by the Sun (8)
24Flavoring made from mixed coffee and chocolate (5)
25Awareness of wrongdoing (5)
26Clear-headed and responsive (5)
28To push against gently (5)

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