What "If"........


1Make small changes to something (6)
4U.S. county law enforcement officers (8)
9Inform (somebody) of something (6)
10Rubbish or worthless objects ( informal ) (8)
11Any type of cloth (6)
12Fragile: having a fine structure that is easily damaged or broken (8)
13Give help or assistance; be of service (3)
14Having a surface free from roughness or bumps or ridges or irregularities (6)
17A long-handled fork for turning or lifting hay (7)
21A woman's very brief bathing suit (6)
25A movement, doctrine, or system of belief ( informal ) (3)
26Every person, whether of a defined group or in general (8)
27Ball game using no hands (6)
28Tending to make a powerful impression on people or to persuade people (8)
29A government tax on imports or exports (6)
30Formally approves something (8)
31To cut off a physical act such as a yawn or laugh before it develops (6)


1Ship's cargo list (8)
2A diary in which social engagements and other things to be remembered are noted (8)
3Next after forty-ninth (8)
5Attracted the attention of somebody or something such as a taxicab by calling or signaling (6)
6A fiber used for making mats, baskets, hats, and the like (6)
7A noisy quarrel or fight (6)
8A household sieve (as for flour) (6)
12To make something, especially light, less bright or intense (7)
15Have or possess, either in a concrete or an abstract sense (3)
16An object with a spherical shape (3)
18A unit of power equal to 1000 watts (8)
19Behavior, especially by children, that is undesirable or troublesome without being malicious (8)
20Gun fired by compressed air (3,5)
22Young cow (6)
23A North American mammal that resembles a weasel (6)
24Refers back to speaker (6)
25To cause physical damage to a person, animal, or body part (6)

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