"Su"mmertime Summertime


1Be angrily silent (4)
3Sandwiches made on long buns (4)
6Men's garments (5)
10The owner or manager of an inn (9)
11Join metal with solder (5)
12A routine examination or inspection, especially one carried out by a doctor or dentist (7)
13A building, especially a large or impressive one (7)
14One of the four different sets of 13 playing cards in a pack (4)
16Used for general storage or hanging clothes (6)
18Used to indicate that something belongs or relates to something (3)
21Institute legal proceedings against (3)
22By means of this declaration, document, or ruling ( formal ) (6)
23Someone whose job is to dye cloth (4)
25Used to close a wound or connect tissues (7)
27A tooth for cutting or gnawing (7)
29Hot chocolate (5)
30Causes something, especially an important event or process, to begin (9)
31A light open two-wheeled vehicle for one person, pulled by one horse (5)
32A hard white fat found on the kidneys and loins of sheep and cattle (4)
33Insects living in colonies (4)


1Containers for belongings during travel (9)
2A long weapon with a metal point carried by cavalry in battle (5)
4Not popular; disliked or ignored by the public or by persons generally (9)
5A sudden forceful flow (5)
6Supports or maintains somebody or something by providing something that is needed, e.g. by supplying troops with food (8)
7Lack of ability (especially mental ability) to do something (9)
8Leather with a napped surface (5)
9Causing irritation or annoyance (5)
15Exactly alike; incapable of being perceived as different (9)
17To contribute money to somebody or something, especially to give a government grant to a private company, organization, or charity to help it to continue to function (9)
19Unexpected events, or the feelings caused by something unexpected happening (9)
20Drugstore (8)
24Unpleasantly strong and bitter in smell or taste (5)
25Covering for the feet (5)
26Large vessels that float on water (5)
28A fabric woven of silk or rayon, with a smooth glossy finish and a dull back (5)

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