1A father or mother (6)
5Of or relating to the system for delivering mail (6)
10Places ceremoniously or formally in an office or position (7)
11The custodian of a collection (as a museum or library) (7)
12Place in a grave or tomb (6)
15Writing implement (6)
16A slight or partial paralysis (7)
17Meat from a domestic hog or pig (4)
18ice____ (4)
19Building material used as siding or roofing (7)
20(used especially of persons) of inferior size (4)
22A mercantile establishment for the retail sale of goods or services (4)
25Something intended as a guide for making something else (7)
27Commodities (goods or services) bought from a foreign country (6)
28The comfort you feel when consoled in times of disappointment (6)
31The act of breathing heavily through the nose (as when the nose is congested) (7)
32Continuing forever or indefinitely (7)
33First-year students at the U.S. Military Academy or the U.S. Naval Academy (6)
34Offering words of homage as an act of worship (6)


2A qualified accountant who inspects the accounting records and practices of a business or other organization (7)
3Live in or as if in a tent (6)
4An extremely long tooth possessed by certain mammals (4)
5A United States dry measure equal to 8 quarts (4)
6(sports) several contests played successively by the same teams (6)
7Nonfictional prose forming an independent part of a publication (7)
8Multiple collisions of vehicles (6)
9A high-level programming language based on logical rather than mathematical relationships (6)
13A heavy towel or mat to stand on while drying yourself after a bath (7)
14Oily edible seeds (7)
15Columns used for support or decoration (7)
20Ordained Christian minister (6)
21Of or relating to a wedding (7)
23Doglike nocturnal mammals of Africa and southern Asia (7)
24A city in Colorado south of Colorado Springs (6)
25A small house which can be built quickly from pieces which have been made in a factory (6)
26A Roman Catholic devotion consisting of prayers on nine consecutive days (6)
29Domesticated animals kept for companionship or amusement (4)
30The short weak cry of a young bird (4)

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