Two "O's"


1Team game played on horseback (4)
3Solemn promise (4)
6If you hit the _____, you begin to study in a serious and determined way (5)
10An ache localized in or around a tooth (9)
11A game of chance similar to bingo (5)
12Small wildcats resembling leopards (7)
13A written or spoken statement expressing remorse for something (7)
14A protective covering that covers or forms the top of a building (4)
16A candy confection (6)
18As easy as _ _ _ (3)
21___, ands, or buts, excuses or protests (3)
22State capital and largest city of Massachusetts (6)
23Buckeye State (4)
25Near or toward the coast (7)
27Unnamed or nameless gadgets or trinkets (7)
29The longest French river (5)
30With the identity disguised or hidden, e.g. under an assumed name (9)
31Unit of weight (5)
32The act of flipping a coin (4)
33Substance of trees (4)


1Collection of fragrant dried flowers (9)
2Not fitting closely and thus baggy (5)
4People from whom you are descended (but usually more remote than a grandparent) (9)
5Wild animal resembling dog (5)
6Used for decoration at parties (8)
7A therapist who manipulates the skeleton and muscles (9)
8Covered in soot, or lined or blocked with soot (5)
9Fire a shot (5)
15An idea or feeling that completely occupies the mind (9)
17Places that are regarded as remote, provincial, and lacking sophistication ( informal ) (9)
19Word puzzle on square grid (9)
20Old; no longer in use or valid or fashionable (8)
24Africa's second longest river (5)
25An Eskimo hut (5)
26Expel from one's property (5)
28Spanish and Portuguese word for friend (5)

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