Let it snow


1Kermit (4)
3But the fire is so __________ (10)
10Serenely beautiful, untroubled, and happy (7)
11Takes food, liquid, or some other substance into the body by swallowing or absorbing it (7)
12A cry of praise or adoration (to God) (7)
13The soccer or hockey player assigned to protect the goal (6)
14A young chicken suitable for frying (5)
15Country in southeastern Europe. Formerly a constituent republic of Yugoslavia (9)
18A person who understand what is said by watching how somebody's lips move rather than by listening (3-6)
21Eight performers or singers who perform together (5)
23Inexpensive supervised lodging (especially for youths on bicycling trips) (6)
25Located, suited for, or taking place in the open air (7)
27I brought some corn for _______ (7)
28A situation or event that causes public outrage or censure (7)
29Comparatively big in size and showing a lot of detail (5-5)
30Let it snow, let it snow, let it ____ (4)


1The weather outside is _________ (9)
2The_______, an epic poem by the Greek writer Homer (7)
4Uttered aloud; often with surprise, horror, or joy (9)
5Glazing or frosting for cakes (5)
6Showing signs of tiredness, anxiety, or hunger on the face, e.g. dark rings around the eyes (7)
7Style in clothing, hair, and personal appearance generally (7)
8Unable to be found temporarily (4)
9A power tool for smoothing or shaping wood (6)
16Merry-go-round (9)
17A feeling of pleasure or a favorable impression that remains after a positive experience e.g. basking in the ________ of victory (9)
19Gain in wealth (7)
20To twist things together or to twist something around something else (7)
21A notorious criminal, especially one on the run (6)
22Crushed or broken by being stepped upon heavily (7)
24Reasoned and reasonable judgment (5)
26A quartz-like gemstone that is typically semi-transparent (4)

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