• Classic SudokuClassic Sudoku
    Get one of each number 1-9 in each row, column, and box! Don't repeat numbers in a row, column, or box! Think hard in this classic sudoku game!

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your top 5 favorite games

  • Amazons SolitaireAmazons Solitaire
    Take this quick and fun solitaire game for a spin, end with all the queens showing to win.
  • Auld Lang Syne SolitaireAuld Lang Syne Solitaire
    Try your hand at this crazy Solitaire game where suits don't matter...only luck does!
  • Brain Memory NatureBrain Memory Nature
    Work your way up through levels of increasingly difficult memory madness! Match the cards to make them disappear and clear the board to win.
  • Brain WorkoutBrain Workout
    Give your brain a workout by copying what the computer does! See how long you can continue without making a mistake!

additional favorite games

  • Bermuda TrianglesBermuda Triangles
    Fill each small triangle with numbers 1 through 9 in this sudoku-like game! Numbers 1-9 must also be in the outer legs and the inner legs!
  • Chocolate Shop FrenzyChocolate Shop Frenzy
    Get into the chocolate business! Give customers sweet treats! Who wants to work in marketing when you can run a scrumptious chocolate shop?
  • Conquer AntarcticaConquer Antarctica
    Blast the rival penguin gang's off your turf in Antarctica with snowballs, grenades, and missles before they take over the whole country.
  • Farm ManiaFarm Mania
    Do you have what it takes to run a farm? Grow crops, raise animals, and make money! Choose which tools and seeds to buy, help the farm thrive!
  • Free WordsFree Words
    Form as many words as you can out of a set of letters! Get a certain percentage of the words to move on to the next level! Race the clock!